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School Charges

The school recognises the valuable contribution that a wide range of activities, including educational visits and residential experiences, can make towards students’ personal and social education. Such activities should be seen as an integral part of a broad and balanced curriculum for all students.

The school aims to encourage and promote such activities both as part of a broad and balanced
curriculum for our students and as additional, optional activities.


1. The school reserves the right to make a charge for the following activities:

i. those organised for students outside of school hours or otherwise deemed to be an
optional extra as defined in the Education Act

ii. those involving a board and lodgings element and deemed to be within school hours;

iii. individual instrumental tuition which takes place within school hours, unless it forms
part of the syllabus of a prescribed public examination or the National Curriculum

iv. those involving the purchase or hire of instruments, materials, equipment and clothing
(or the provision of them by students or parent/carers) in cases where it has discretion
so to do

2. Where a student has not been prepared for a public examination by the school, we may
make a charge for the cost of entering the student for the examination if previously agreed
by the parent/carer.

3. If a student fails without good reason to complete the examination requirements for any
public examination for which the school has paid (or is liable to pay) an entry fee then the
school may recover the fee from the parent/carers.

4. Where the preparation provided by the school would enable a student to take 2 or more
alternative examinations in syllabuses for prescribed public examinations, the school would
only be required to enter the student for one examination free of charge: entry fees for
additional examinations would have to be paid for by parent/carers.

5. Nothing in this policy statement precludes the school from inviting parent/carers to make
voluntary contributions towards the cost of providing education for students.


1. Where the parent/carers of a student are eligible for Pupil Premium, the school will remit in
full the cost of board and lodgings for any residential activity that it organises for the student if
the activity is deemed to take place within school hours or where it forms part of the syllabus for
a prescribed public examination or the National Curriculum.

2. Where the parent/carers of a student are eligible for Pupil Premium, the school may offer
support for educational school trips, revision materials, music tuition and other chargeable
educational activities.

3. For students eligible for Free School Meals, the school may support the parent/carers for
purchasing school uniform. 

4. In other circumstances there may be cases of family hardship that make it difficult for
students to take part in particular educational activities for which a charge is made.
Parent/carers can apply for remission of charges in part or in full. Application should be made to
the Headteacher or Assistant Head, Mr Chris Sim, who will consider the request on behalf of the